Ingold Farms - The REAL Beef Place

The REAL Beef Place

Ingold Farms Beef

1- Santa Gertrudis Cattle

The first true American bred cow- Originated from the King Ranch in Texas

2- Grass-Fed and Grass Finished

Never any grain= Results “lean” beef

3-All Natural

No antibiotics or added hormones

4- No chemical Fertilizer

We use fish emulsion & make our own compost tea which makes for Nutrient Dense grass

5- No Chemicals

No Herbicides or pesticides are used on cows or pastures

6- Natural Minerals

Kelp and Sea Salt

7- Natural wormers

Apple Cider Vinegar, Basic H & Diatomaceous Earth

8- Rotational Grazing

We also use management intensive grazing

9- Humanely Treated

Cattle are kept on open pastures and safe handling techniques

10- Cows have access to well water

11- Meat is dry aged

Dry aged for 21 days for flavor and tenderness

12- All meat is flash frozen & vacuum packed

Keeps maximum quality for one year

13- Processed in USDA inspected facility

By the Halal method