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The REAL Beef Place

About Us

Ingold Farms, "The REAL Beef Place" is proud to offer high quality Santa Gertrudis beef, with no antibiotics or added growth hormone. Our beef is naturally lean and tender, due to growing methods and aging process.

Santa Gertrudis, the "American Original" breed, was the "first" breed of beef cattle developed in the America. Santa Gertrudis is 3/8 Brahman and 5/8 Shorthorn and was developed on the King Ranch in Texas and was recognized by the USDA as a pure breed in 1940.

We only process cows we raise and they are all registered or pure-bred Santa Gertrudis.

Our beef is dry-aged. This means the cow is killed and hangs in a cooler for 21 days before cut. This process is what helps the meat to be tender and more flavorful.

Always remember - when you eat our beef, the cows have been treated with love, the porcessing is USDA approved, the meat is flash frozen, vacuum packaged and we truly appreciate the opportunity of serving you.

Family Owned and Operated.